I was actually quite excited to start this book as it feels like it’s been burning a hole on my bookshelf for a while. I bought it around the time the movie came out, but true to form, I am yet to see that too. 

So, you know when you have the best intentions to do nothing but read and then you get distracted and suddenly a month (or 2 and a half!) has gone by and you’ve only read a third of a book? And then you start another book which just happens to be a series of books and you read those before finishing the first book you started? 

Yeah, so I may have done just that! Luckily the series I did end up finishing were also over 10 years old so I managed to stick to my task! 

Anywho, I began with;

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

This is about the murder of a 14 year old girl in the 70’s from the perspective of said 14 year old girl. Considering I gave up on the last book about child rape, with this book it was so different and pretty much fell into the sci-fi category as we read all about “heaven” or ‘the space between’, but it also covered how everyone coped that was left behind. 

I was really interested to read this book as I thought it sounded like something different and interesting. And I was glad to find it met my expectations. Again I didn’t know much about the storyline until I started, having avoided the movie. (Knowing Soirse Ronan was in it was one of the things that drew my attention to the story in the first place though!) 

I got a third of the way into the book when I got distracted… by a cross stitch I wanted to finish and a new one I wanted to start! (I’m pretty sure I should have lived in the 1800’s with my love of books, stitching and garden walks!) 

Then, when I fancied reading again I happened upon a series by L.J Smith. I have previously read Smith’s Night World Series and Dark Power series. And so I began..

The Secret Circle by L.J. Smith

These are such easy reads. Aimed at teenagers and about the paranormal, in this case a circle of teenage witches, these are right up my alley. They were also turned into a tv series, but I only had to read the first chapter to see they had changed almost everything about the characters. 

While reading the first story, it struck me that a teenager of 14-16 reading these books now might not get a few of the references. As the stories are set in the early 90’s, it was a novelty to even have a phone in your room, no sign of a mobile! They mention VCR’s and cassettes a few times too.. ahh the good old days! (For the record these were my preteen years!) 

The book follows Cassie, switching from first and third person viewpoints, as she moves into her grandmas house with her mother. At school there is a ‘club’ with a mixture of personalities that everyone either fears, admires, worships or avoids. 

Cassie begins by getting on the wrong side of the club and is bullied by a few of them until she meets the nicer half of the group. 
All seems well until the newest member of the club is murdered and Cassie is chosen to take their place and, hopefully, find the person that did it. 

Mix into the story some dark magic gone awry, forbidden love and the usual teenage melodramatics and you have yourself a very easy to read trilogy! 

I plan on going back to my original choice, but other books keep distracting me away..! 

My next task is..

A book with pictures