This wasn’t such a hard book to choose as it has been simply everywhere lately! (The photo was taken just a couple of days after I started the challenge!) The only trepidation I felt is that it’s not my usual genre. But I took a risk and chose..

The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins

I knew from the very beginning this wasn’t my usual kind of book. So instead of purchasing or borrowing it from a friend, I popped to the library. This was I had a deadline to finish it by meaning I couldn’t leave it for weeks on end! 

It was a slow start and I set myself daily goals to read a certain amount of pages. But I failed them and didn’t really touch the book for almost 2 weeks of the 3 I had. So I ended up blasting through it in the last 4 days before it had to be returned! 
I usually read stories that take you to different worlds or have a happiness or humour to them. This was completely the opposite. Rachel, the girl on the train is a messed up drunk and her story was such a real one it wasn’t hard to see why she had fallen the way she did. The characters were all believably flawed, with no perfect hero or heroin. 

The story jumped back and forth through time, following each woman’s story, so we didn’t know whodunnit until the very end. 

I must say, even though it was not my thing (did I mention that yet?) when I reached the last 50 pages it gripped me and I just had to know how it ended! 

This is definitely one of those stories that will stick with me, especially when I’m on a train! 

My next task was also a bit of challenge to find! 

A book based on a true story