At first I thought I would have plenty of choice considering the array of colourful books in my bookcases. However, the titles were a lot less vibrant! 

In fact I only had one book that met the criteria;

White wedding by Milly Johnson

This was another book lent to me by a friend almost 5 years ago. At the time I started it but I found my bookmark (an old train ticket!) only in page 23. Clearly I didn’t quite get into it last time!

This time therefore I was wary it would be one of those books that take 5 or more chapters to get into full swing. I was almost surprised when I was interrupted  114 pages later as I just wanted to keep going! 

The story follows three brides to be. They all meet in a wedding dress shop and befriend each other straight away. All three brides have a messy wedding situation coming up. But we don’t know the problem until almost the big day itself. 

This book had me seriously hooked! I was laughing and crying throughout and just wanted to know how each one of them would solve their man issues. 

Bel was strong throughout and I admired her bravery as I would have acted very differently in her situation. 

Violet represents a lot of women even if they don’t admit it. She had to find an inner strength she never thought she would have. 

I found it hardest to understand Max’s wedding ideas but I could see exactly what was happening with her and her fiancé. Again I would have acted very differently! But good on her! 

Obviously I don’t want to give away any of the storyline, but it was a great read and something I recommend to anyone that’s happy in their relationship! 

The next one could be very difficult or amazingly simple depending on what choice I go for…

A book about a Lion, a Witch Or a Wardrobe