Happy New Year! 

I know we are almost a whole month into 2017, however when I had finished my last challenge I had a hen do to organise and attend, the resulting wedding to bridesmaid and the festive period!

And then, I got sidetracked and read another book by accident…

The book I intended to read for this challenge was a gift for one of my birthdays from my sort-of-sister-in-law, which also happens to be on a lot of ‘recommended to read’ lists for people that enjoy the Harry Potter series. I found this out when I had nearly finished, and quite agree. The book I picked was:

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The story starts off slowly and also throws you straight in as each chapter is a different time and some are about the characters developing, some are the introductions to the characters and others are about you as the reader visiting  the circus itself.

This confused me at the beginning, then when I had gotten into the swing of it I did have to double check when things had happened by flicking back through the chapters a couple of times. I think this is great though as it’ll mean there will be more meaning to each part when rereading the book. Which I thoroughly intend to do!

The story mostly follows Celia and Marco as the are pitted against one another in a challenge. They do not know their opponent, or much of what their challenge is precisely. Enter a circus that only opens at night and has tents full of magic and wonder and dreams and mazes. Follow that with a confusing and complicated love story. It all adds up to a brilliant read that I wish there were another 6 books to follow it and continue the story!

Along with every other person that has read this book, I would love to actually visit the circus and see the illusions and amazing things they show.

If anyone has recommendations for similar stories to this one, let me know!

My next challenge is:

A book by an author I love