My latest reading endeavour is taking me a lot longer than I’d hoped! So to break up the space I thought I’d sneak in a little blog about a trend I’ve seen going around recently.

Describe yourself in 3 fictional characters 

The first character that springs to mind for me is Ron Weasley! Not just because he’s ginger and I’m half ginger myself.. Also because he’s easy going, the joker of the group but reliable when needs must. Even if he’s not the bravest of the group he says what needs saying. He can be jealous and maybe even spiteful. But can’t we all? I know I can. Also, there’s the love of sweets. That’s so me.

Secondly, Belle from Beauty and the Beast. My second favourite Disney princess, I think I resemble her with my love of books and taste in men 😉. My dad isn’t an inventor but he definitely is a little quirky! Also, quite obviously proven with the beginning of this particular blog, I WANT that library!! This movie along with Bedknobs and Broomsticks made me dream for ladders that whoosh along the shelves. Belle’s long for adventure, but fear of it when it begins is me to a T. Always wanting something exciting to happen but shying away from big changes!

I got a little stuck thinking of a third so I asked my loving husband for help. Apparently, I’m just like Angelica from the Rugrats.. what with my persuasive charm and occasional stroppiness… again though, nobody picks on her friends but her! She also has an addiction to sweet stuff..

This may be revealing quite a bit about me!

Who are you in 3 fictional characters?