I have a few options on my shelves for this one. Obviously there’s any one of the Harry Potter books, Bridget Jones or even my all time favourite Northern Lights by Philip Pullman.

But I have a book that my friend lent me and I should probably give it back soon… Therefore I chose;

The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

I am one of those people that refuses to watch a movie before I have read the book. Here’s what I knew about this one before I started reading; Emma Watson is in the film and had short hair. There were two guys as well and I presumed they were all friends. That’s it. Somehow I avoided the ads and trailers so I knew nothing of the actual storyline! I decided to stick to ignorance and didn’t read the blurb on the back either.

The book is made up of letters from Charlie to an unknown friend (us!). Really it’s almost like reading someone’s diary except he chose to keep his identity secret by changing names of those he mentioned and it’s almost more intimate because, like he says, a diary can be found.

Charlie is a quiet boy starting his first year of high school. (This confused me a bit at first as he would be 11 in England but he’s clearly 15/16 in the book) He’s not a recluse by choice but loses a friend and finds it difficult to make new ones. He attends numerous parties and makes many friends throughout the book though. While still finding the time to read extra books and write extra papers for his favourite class.

It’s an interesting read as we find out a lot more about the darker side of childhood. It brings to light a lot of the harder topics in teenage life. I didn’t cry much until the last couple of chapters when it all just seemed to hit him and therefore me as the reader.

One thing he mentions did make me think though.. When people tell you you haven’t got it that bad as there is always someone that has it worse. He answers with that’s like saying you shouldn’t be happy as there’s always someone that has it better. I like that thought, even if at first it sounds a little selfish. We all have our own problems.

I quite enjoyed the book even though it’s not my usual genre of choice. I must say though, I do not condone the amount of smoking Charlie does!

My next task is;

A book my friend loves